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League Scheduler 6.0

Don't spend endless hours on league scheduling. Save time and use our League Scheduler software to create your round-robin or traveling league schedules. Just enter your locations, teams, game times and start date. League Scheduler automatically creates your schedule based on the parameters you've specified. Tracks game scores and team standings.


2 Types of Schedules

Regular League Schedules share locations between all teams. For Traveling League Schedules, each team is assigned a location to play their home games.

Audit Reporting

The Audit Report is a very important tool you can use to determine if the league schedule will work for you. You can always edit the schedule and then return to the Audit Report to look over the counts. Total counts are shown for Home and Visitor, Locations, Game Times, Days of Week and Team vs. Team.

Division Play

Our league scheduling software handles division play and allows the number of times teams play inside and outside a division to be different.

Reporting Options

You can view, print, or export league scheduling reports. You can choose a date range for any report.

Help for Every Screen

Convenient help screens in our league software are available to assist you through every step of your league scheduling.


Handles schedule exceptions. For example, you can remove all game times for 4th of July or add an extra game on a specific date & time. There are also team exceptions for day of week or specific dates.

League Scheduler


League Scheduler 6.0

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